Swiftgene Cereulide-Producing Bacillus cereus KAINOS

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数量: kit
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Cereus (Bacillus cereus) is a gram-positive facultative anaerobic bacteria , and vomiting poison (cereulide) producing strain is food poisoning causative bacteria. The cesPTABCD genes are transcribed as a single transcript of the cereulide toxin. This kit is for detecting cereulide-producing Bacillus cereus, which combined NASBA (Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification) method that directly amplifies cesPTABCD (ces) mRNA and NAC (Nucleic Acid Chromatography) method that easily identified the amplicon. This kit contains NASBA primers specially designed to amplify both ces mRNA and Internal Control (IC) in a single tube and NAC strip to identify both the amplicons on the single strip.